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4. Is there WiFi at the safari lodges & tented camps on safari?

4. Is there WiFi at the safari lodges & tented camps on safari?

Almost all safari lodges / tented camp accommodations during your safari do provide free Wifi . These is in the three accommodation levels of economy , comfort and luxury

Wifi is provided  in the public areas of the safari lodges / tented camps  including the reception, dining areas and lounge . It is not provided in the individual rooms/ tents.

We provide free  Wifi in our 4×4 Safari jeeps with connectivity being at approximately 70% due to local Kenyan network coverage

On our overnight  group sharing safari ,it is not possible to request for an extra day safari extension

This is because you  share your safari Jeep  with the other travelers on a seat in car basis .It also means that you leave and return to Nairobi as a group

It would thus require a unanimous decision to extend safari  from all tour participants for this to happen . It would also be subject to  the availability of extended accommodation in the respective tented camp / lodge.

An extra day on safari shall also require extra payment.

Prepare for adventure when you choose one of our   https://www.naturaltoursandsafaris.com/group-safaris/

Our selection of  safari lodges and tented camps is well researched and offers the best in terms of comfort ,relaxation and atmosphere during safari. Each accommodation category is well catered for in the selection.

We fully understand the need for your protection against Mosquito  and other insect bites.

All rooms / tents during your  safari are fitted with mosquito nets or  are insect proofed to protect you against bites.

You are also advised to carry / use insect repellent to further protect yourself especially in the outdoors during evenings.

The maximum number of persons allowed in one room / tent are 3 , these can be accommodated in a double bed and a single bed or in 3 single beds.

Where 4 persons or more are travelling together and prefer stay in one room / tent  , we may book them in 2 rooms with interconnecting doors

For those that may prefer  to stay close as  family or friends , we may book them in adjacent tents / rooms

Some safari lodges / camps have family units for maximum of 4 persons only. This however includes an extra cost.

All safari rooms / tents are private with own bathroom / toilet

Our listed safari tours and advertised prices do not include Nairobi hotel stay

In case you are arriving in Nairobi earlier than your safari starting date or are intending to stay a few days more after safari finish ,you require a Nairobi hotel.

Nairobi has a wide range of hotels in economy ,comfort and luxury categories suitable for your 1 night or extended stay.

As part of your safari tour ,Natural world safari shall pick you up and drop you off at your respective Nairobi hotel or residence. This includes areas around Nairobi

We suggest that you look up and book online your favorite Nairobi hotel .In case you do require advise, suggestions or  booking assistance for your Nairobi hotel ,we shall be happy to assist.

We have put together a handy guide comparing all of Nairobi’s best hotels.


A safari lodge in Africa is located in a remote Wildlife area and is  made  up of a number of cottages / chalets spread over a landscaped land .Here shall be a main building which houses a restaurant, bar, gift shop together with the reception and also administration facilities. In most cases, there may  be a swimming room,

The lodge’s en-suite guestrooms are spread in smaller separate scattered cottages around the main central  building.

The atmosphere is usually rustic and compliments the natural surroundings while bringing in the essence of the wild

Safari lodges vary in size, unique design, location and standards with a nice range in economy , comfort and luxury category.


The safari tented camps share some similarities with safari lodges in layout , purpose and location.

A tented camp is composed of the Main building (housing the public areas) usually thatched African style for effect .It may also be made of a large tent .The en-suite guest tents are scattered  around the main building providing a private feel.

The tented camp is a composition of large en-suite walk in tents which are built on a solid floor base and are complete with private bathrooms and a small terrace or veranda.

Essentially they are rooms with the exterior being canvas rather than wood or brick.

The tented camp complex may also have a swimming pool.

Tented camps range from the comfort, superior comfort, luxury to the super luxury.

Our selection of Economy, comfort and luxury accommodation options for lodges and tented camps are sufficiently comfortable and adequate for relaxation  , overnights and meals. However standard of facilities ,style  and location are varied.

Luxury safari Lodges and Tented Camps

In almost all instances, luxury lodges & Tented camps  are located at vantage locations  within the national parks and game reserves. They are unique in architecture and design. They also provide easy access to the game viewing areas. The facilities and comfort levels are of higher standard. Rooms/, tents are private and en -suite. There shall most likely be a swimming pool in most of the luxury facilities

View luxury safari  lodge / camps category/options  https://www.naturaltoursandsafaris.com/kenya-safari-lodges/

Comfort safari  Lodges and Tented Camps

Comfort lodges and camps may be  located inside or just at the boundaries of the national parks and game reserves. Others may be slightly further .In all instances ,they are less than 30 minutes from the park entry gate . The facilities’ comfort levels are sufficiently adequate although slightly lower than for luxury accommodation level. The rooms and tents in this comfort level category  are also private and en suite. Most comfort  lodges / tented camps  shall have a swimming pool.

View comfort level safari lodges / tented camps https://www.naturaltoursandsafaris.com/kenya-safari-lodges/

Economy safari Lodges and Tented Camps

Almost all economy lodges and tented camps (except a few) are located outside of the National park boundaries and just next to the park. They are easy ,comfortable and sufficiently adequate for relaxation , overnight  and meals although relatively basic compared to the luxury and comfort options. Rooms and tents are private and have en -suite bathroom facilities. Most of the economy options  may also have a swimming pool.

View economy level safari lodges / tented campshttps://www.naturaltoursandsafaris.com/kenya-safari-lodges/

A single room supplement is an extra fee imposed on single occupancy of a double/ shared  room by hotels, safari lodges and tented camps. Our safari tour prices are based on two persons sharing in a double room /tent.

If someone chooses to have  single occupancy of room, the single room supplement applies .Single room / tent extras are indicated on the price section of each tour package page.

Our Accreditations and Booking Security

Natural World Kenya safaris is Member No.FA/440 - Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) bonding scheme. The scheme is insured to guarantee your holiday safari in the unlikely event that a bonded KATO member ceases operating.

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4. Is there WiFi at the safari lodges & tented camps on safari?