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Kenya Coast and Beach Area Attractions

Kenya Coast and Beach Area Attractions

Here are your top attractions and activities to do at the Kenya Coast

  • KENYA COAST and Beach Area Attractions


A Wasted Quarry Transforms into an Animal Haven

explore this park under a lush canopy of eucalyptus trees and sidle up to giraffes at the park’s viewing platform. A stroll around these richly forested grounds will bring you to a game sanctuary, reptile park, fishponds, a languid palm garden and yes, a crocodile pen.


The Prize of Many Nations

A visit to the fort and its massive interior and 18m (60 ft) high walls is like unfolding a dramatic display of Mombasa’s history. For whoever controlled the fort, was master of the city and the wealth of the Indian Ocean trade routes.


A Sea of Bursting Colour

This protected area is a favorite amongst snorkelers, divers and anyone drawn to the dramatic colours and creatures of the sea.


Imagine a marine park offering brilliant lagoons fringed with bright coral reefs, drawing in hundreds of fish, manta rays, and sea turtles. This is the paradise of Watamu Marine National Park, one of Kenya’s finest aquatic habitats and a haven for divers, snorkelers and sea lovers. In this protected marine setting, you can also enjoy a series of diamond white sand beaches, said to be amongst the ten best in the world.


An explosion of undersea color – the fish and the coral here will compete for your attention with their dazzling hues. Africa’s first marine park is a treasure of fringing reefs, coral gardens, lagoons, seagrass, and every sort of sea life – turtles, dolphins, fish, and shorebirds.


Discover gold at the seaside town of Malindi – its beaches glisten with an effervescent sparkle and its history is a golden past of discovery, adventure, and mysterious abandoned cities. The renowned explorer, Vasco de Gama left his mark here in 1498 on his search for a route to India. In Malindi, you can explore the town’s colorful winding streets and nearby, find ancient mosques, tombs, and a deserted king’s palace.


The black spitting cobra. The horned viper. The puff adder. And the black mamba. These are just a few of the more than 200 snakes you’ll discover at the Bio-Ken Snake Farm, the largest collection of snakes in East Africa. Known throughout the world, Bio-Ken has captivated visitors for over 30 years with its extensive collection of Africa’s deadliest snakes. Here you’ll find the plain-looking but deadly twig snake for whose bite there is no cure.


Who doesn’t love the sight of glorious sea turtles swimming about, coming ashore to nest, their tiny hatchlings scurrying back out to sea to begin the cycle anew? This was a common site on Kenya’s coast but then human intrusion – poaching and accidents threatened the beloved turtles.

The local Watamu residents were alarmed at this loss and jumped to the rescue forming patrols of the turtles’ beach nests, ensuring they were left unbothered. It was a first step toward the turtles’ survival.


If crocodiles hold a special place of interest for you, (and who isn’t entranced by these strange, prehistoric beasts?) then a visit to Mamba Village is a must. The largest reptile farm in Kenya, you’ll find pools filled with every variation of croc – from the smallest hatchlings to a 5m (15 ft) long “Big Daddy” beast, who is reputedly 100 years old.

Mamba Village also features a serpentarium with a collection of snakes, a botanical garden and an aquarium. Look for displays of aquatic plants and orchids. And if all that wasn’t enough, the village also offers horseback riding with lessons, and even camel riding! There’s plenty to fill out your visit, from a leisurely stroll through the gardens to an in-depth tour of the world’s most fascinating reptiles.


The rare colobus monkey lives overhead – you can spot them high in the forest’s trees. Unfortunately, these forests are being decimated, threatening the monkeys’ survival. Enter Colobus Conservation Centre, an organization started by the local residents in Diani, after they became aware of the threat of human encroachment on the Angolan black and white Colobus monkey. Now, with the Centre’s programs of education and rehabilitation of both the monkeys and the forest, there is hope for the survival of the colobus and other species like the vervet, sykes, and baboon.

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Kenya Coast and Beach Area Attractions