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Here are ALL the Safaris we offer from the Coastal Resorts of Mombasa, Malindi, Diani  & Watamu Beach Areas

Over 40 Safaris to choose from!

All tours start from and return to your Coastal resort(End tours at the resort of your choice)

Kenya is all about choice and Natural World Kenya Safaris offers you so many choices.

  • Which coastal destination suits your style the best?
  • Which of Kenya’s exciting parks would you like to visit?
  • For how many days would you like to go on safari?
  • Drive? Fly? Or a combination of both?

It’s a lot to decide. But not to worry. We’re here to help you with this introduction to our many coastal safaris. On this page, and on all the pages linked to it, we’ll provide you with lots of information to help make your best vacation decision.

Plus, our friendly and expert staff is just an email or phone call away. They’ll be more than happy to help plan your dream safari.


Here’s our page or send an email request or just give us a call at +2544122267151.

Let’s get started!

Mombasa and North Coast Beach Tours and  Safaris

Mombasa dubbed in Swahili as Kisiva Cha Mvita-Island of War – isn’t just Kenya’s largest coastal city, it is also an exotic blend of cultures – African, Indian and Arabic. It is intense and cosmopolitan but also filled with fun markets, museums and lots of beaches. There are plenty of barefoot luxury coastal resorts here and opportunities to enjoy the Swahili culture including Ghazi and Chale Island, Funzi Island, Shimoni & Wasini Island, Nyali Beach, Bamburi Beach

Top Sights and Attractions (Visit our Mombasa Excursions Page here)

* Fort Jesus Museum

* Mandhry Mosque

* Spice Market

* Jain Temple

* Lord Shiva Temple

* Swaminarayan Temple

*Mamba Village Crocodile Farm

*Haller Park


Mombasa can be your jumping off point for over 20 safaris and tours – ranging from 1-day city day trips to 7-day adventures covering 6 national parks.

You can take 1 and 2-day safaris to nearby Shimba Hills, Tsavo and Taita Hills National Parks. Or, journey out to the great Masai Mara National Reserve to witness the migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra streaming in from the Serengeti.

Natural World Kenya Safaris will pick you up from your beach resort, show you the safari of a lifetime and then safely bring you back to the beach.

Just to visit our Mombasa Page and learn about the many exciting tours originating from this exotic coastal city.


Malindi/Watamu Beach Areas Tours and Safaris

 Dazzling white sand beaches, national marine parks, charming old town restaurants and a laid back, international scene are the calling cards for the Malindi and Watamu beach towns.  There are plenty of resorts, villas and spas to settle into here. And when you’re ready to safari, we’ll be ready with lots of safari options for you.

Shanzu Beach, Mtwapa, Lamu, Manda Island

Top Sights and Attractions

*Jumba la Mtwana


* Bio-Ken Snake Farm & Laboratory (Serpentarium)

* Watamu Turtle Watch (Wildlife Reserve)

* Watamu marine National Park

* Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve

* Mida Dhow


* Vasco da Gama Pillar (Landmark)

* House of Columns (Historic Building)


*Lamu Museum

*Lamu Fort


Featuring safaris from 1 to 4 days, Natural World Kenya Safaris will pick you up from either your Malindi or Watamu resort.

Then we’ll whisk you from beach to savannah to experience the best game viewing in Africa.Drive to Amboseli Park with its guaranteed elephant sightings or visit  Tsavo Parks – the oldest and largest in Kenya.

For a stunning 2 or 3-day adventure, we offer flying safaris to the jewel of Kenya, the Masai Mara.

Just to visit our

Malindi/Watamu Page

Diani Beach Areas Tours and Safaris

Everything about Diani Beach is long, low and laid back. This pristine flawless, long stretch beach is lined with a lush facade of forest which nestles most of the hotels and resorts. Voted three times Africa’s leading beach destination, the town here is easy-going with a colourful mix of families, backpackers, water-sports enthusiasts, nomads and honeymooners. You can snorkel the sparkling waters, laze on a hammock and when you get restless… safari!

Top Sights and Attractions

* Colobus Conservation Centre (Wildlife Reserve)

* Kaya Kinondo (Forest)

* Kongo Mosque


With over 20 tours and safaris originating from famous Diani Beach, all of Kenya’s greatest wildlife parks are within easy reach. Choose from a 1-day local tour to a 7-day total safari.Also, from Diani Beach, Natural World Kenya Safaris offers three ways to get to your safari destination:

  • Road Tour
  • Fly-in/Air Safari
  • Flight & Road Safari Tours

And Diani is your jumping off point for a wide variety of parks like Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Tsavo and the Masai Mara.

So, make your beach holiday the beginning of a great safari adventure.

Please to visit our Diani Beach Page to learn more.


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