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LAKE NAIVASHA IS A SAFARI PARADISE<br><small>Enjoy Walking, Biking, Boating and Horseback Riding Safaris!</small>

Enjoy Walking, Biking, Boating and Horseback Riding Safaris!

In the Lake Naivasha area there are probably more types of safaris with which to enjoy the wildlife than anywhere else on earth! And just as varied are the species of animals you’ll encounter in the vibrant parks and sanctuaries that comprise this special spot in Kenya.

Stunning lakes, acacia forest, dormant volcanoes, waterfalls and dramatic gorges – you’ll be as constantly surprised by the landscape here as you’ll be entranced by the myriad wildlife. From lions to impalas to flamingos, this special area is the perfect safari experience.

All the attractions and parks below are a short drive from each other.

Lake Naivasha National Park

Naivasha, the highest Rift Valley lake, hosts startling birdlife on its freshwater shores. Take a fun water safari and sail close to the hippos. As you glide along this sterling blue lake, watch the zebra and giraffe watching you back from the nearby shore. Although this national park is just a short drive from Nairobi, its beauty and tranquil nature is a world away.

Crescent Island

You can get to this private island sanctuary by land vehicle or boat and enjoy its stunning views of the lake. Have fun here exploring the island with a guided walking safari. As with Lake Naivasha, the birdlife is active and varied, with over 200 species observed.

As you explore the island, you’ll find yourself walking amongst the local population of buffalo, zebra, giraffe, impala, eland, dik-dik, gazelle and be on the lookout for hippos.

Hell’s Gate National Park

Though Hell’s Gate Park has a dry, more dramatic landscape, you’ll be delighted to find you can bicycle safari through this area of great rock formations and scenic gorges. Because the very large wildlife is rare, it’s safe to pedal along the park’s trails where you’ll discover zebra, giraffe, impala and antelope.

Horseback Riding Safari

Perhaps the most extraordinary way to experience the land and the wildlife is to be astride an animal yourself! In the Naivasha area you can take advantage of the various horse safaris offered. In this manner it’s possible to get even closer to the game as you are in effect “camouflaged” – appearing to be as one with your horse.

Whether you’re a novice or an advanced rider, your ride experience will be tailored to your needs. There’s nothing quite like moving amongst the giraffe, buffalo, zebra and impala as a participant, seemingly as one of them. This may be the closest one can get to the wildlife.

Crater Lake Game Sanctuary

This small sanctuary holds a beautiful volcanic crater lake. The area is blessed with acacia trees and there are numerous trails for exploring. Besides dozens of bird species you may see giraffe, zebra and other small game in the area.

Mount Longonot National Park

Mt. Longonot is actually a volcano that is believed to have last erupted in the 1860’s. And although there are still small steam vents on the crater floor, a forest has developed there. You can hike to the rim of the crater and its fabulous views if you so desire.

There’s an easily followed trail from the park gate to the crater rim. The relatively short hike (3 km) can be a bit challenging but definitely worth the effort as you arrive at the rim and take in the 3 km wide crater. Along the way you may spot Thompson’s gazelle, buffalo and hartebeest.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Only about 1 ½ hours from Lake Naivasha lies beautiful Lake Nakuru Park. Graced with acacia trees and dramatic escarpments, the park features plenty of wildlife including Rothschild’s giraffe, black and white rhino, lion, leopard and hippo.

You can also enjoy a vast array of birdlife and even pink flamingos along the lake’s shoreline.

Natural World Safaris will design a special safari experience here according to your interests and requests. It’s our mission to create an unforgettable holiday just for you.

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